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09-Jan-2018 17:31

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Caucasus nations are some of the most backward and the most conservative nations you will ever find in this part of the world.

The guys' thirst you mentioned is a reflection of that.

Both of us have lived in Georgia on four occasions and we have immersed ourselves in both the local and expat scenes.

Throughout these experiences, we couldn’t help but notice the rather worrying habit that American expats in the country had of being overly critical on trivial, petty reasons; we’ve surmised that this could only be a result of their delusional understanding of what they’re getting themselves involved with.

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As a country with a distinct identity, wedged between three of the largest empires in the history of the world, perhaps it ought to be you listening to Georgians about the resilience and strength in the face of adversity.Then read your FREE Compatibility profile® and meet Valdosta singles that are truly right for you. lol going to Tbilisi is one of the silliest ideas I have heard in my life.“You will see that in Georgia women are treated like queens, like princesses”.

This was one of the first sentences I heard when a Georgian man picked me up at Tbilisi airport in 2010.

Do the Georgian women have a lot of hair on their backs btw, cause holy crap are their men hairy?