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Thus far, the Big Ten has elected to leave such decisions up to individual institutions, and Glass has stayed on the front foot in the area.At various points in 20 — and pointing to ongoing issues at other institutions, including Baylor — he distributed detailed memorandums and instructions to his entire department spelling out his expectations in any such situation.The decision comes at a time when issues of sexual and domestic violence involving college athletes are raising debate and sparking scandal across the country.In 2015, the Southeastern Conference initiated a ban on member institutions accepting transfers athletes with a history of “serious misconduct” — sexual assault, domestic assault or other forms of sexual violence.I wouldn't consider publishing these allegations, not only for legal reasons, but for ethical reason, too.The legal system, as flawed as it is, is the only way that anyone accused of a 'crime' can have fair hearing - trial by media should not be an option.

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The data shows a stark and steady increase linked to cases involving parental substance abuse.

Moreover, the penalty ranges of crimes like child molest and sexual misconduct of a minor significantly increase based on the Defendant’s age and the the alleged victim.